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Black EEG

August 22, 2023Category : EEG
Black EEG

Unfortunately, EEG technology was made without Black folks in mind, and tends to underperform on hair styles typically coded as “black” (e.g., protective hairstyles, afros, etc.), and associated hair textures (e.g., coarse and curly hair). As a result, there has been rampant exclusion of Black participants in EEG research historically, and it does not seem to be improving over time. As such, we are currently working on ways in which we might improve EEG research for Black individuals, and collect higher-quality data on brain activity using several creative approaches, ranging from cosmetology to engineering. While not directly in line with the substantive topic areas we focus on in the lab, we use EEG technology frequently, and feel a responsibility to improve its inclusivity for all of our research participants.